Health and fitness

All our trips are designed for a gentle adventure level, even suitable for young families. If you prefer to do more strenuous or adventurous trekking, then our guides can also make sure you are happy too. No specific skills are needed to join our trips – just a desire to see new and interesting wildlife, experience true adventure, and a respect of the forest and it’s inhabitants!
For orangutan tours most of the food is Indonesian food which is prepared hygenically, and is wholesome and delicious.
To protect your skin from the sun and mosquitos, you should use high factor suntan lotion and insect repellent. Repellants containing ‘deet’ work best, but are very strong on your skin, so alternative more gentle and natural products such as ‘Mosiguard’ can be used instead. Kalimantan is malarial, so please seek advice for anti-malarials or protection from bites before you come. Both suntan lotions and repellants can be purchased in Pangkalan Bun, and sometimes in Kumai, but they can be difficult to find – so best to bring them with you if you can.

What to bring

For standard klotok trips, no special equipment or clothing is required, but you may like to bring some of the following: Sun glasses; a head torch; binoculars; light coloured long-sleeved tops and long trousers (for insect and leech protection); a rain poncho (for sudden downpours in the forest!); old trainers/comfortable footwear for forest treks; camera with extra batteries and film/memory; a day sack for taking on treks; some high energy snacks like nuts/dried fruit/flapjacks for if you need them inbetween meals while trekking; a lightweight hammock for resting on treks; a towel; a sarong (multiple uses!).
Our trips run throughout the year, but the most popular time to travel is from June through to September when there is less chance of rain. However, being a rainforest short storms can be expected at all times of year but are most prevalent from November through to May. Temperatures in the rainforest are warm and the humidity is high. You will need to get accustomed to the humidity and drinking plenty of water is necessary at all times of year.