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Group / Shared Tour

OPEN TRIP 3 Day 2 Night

If you are travelling alone, or in a couple, and would like to share costs and meet other people, you may be interested in joining a shared tour. We doing the tour on weekend starting Friday to Sunday

If this sounds interesting, get in touch !

Tours can still go ahead with just one person, if no one else wants to join the group, but the cost would be much higher, as the single traveller would need to pay the usual rate for one person taking a tour alone.
If you are interested in sharing the klotok with other travellers let us know. Tours will be initially booked as private, but if you wish to share costs, your tour will be advertised by us for other people to join you. Please note, shared tours can not be arranged during the high season (July to end of Septembe) , but it’s doesn’t possibility of that.